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Also known as the first movements when a pregnant mother starts to feel her baby move inside her. I'm happy to say, I finally started feeling it about 2 weeks back :)

It started when I was browsing the September Mothers-To-Be facebook group and someone was saying she was 18 weeks and not feeling her baby move. I posted a comment saying that I didn't either... but lo and behold, the moment I hit "enter", I felt a THUD in my womb!

At first I wondered if I was feeling the right thing. The next few days it felt a little like bubbles, then it progressed to become twitches and now, it like a strong spasm whenever the baby moves.

It's true, you actually know when your baby is awake and when it's asleep! The baby is usually most active just before mealtimes, at mealtimes and after meals. At night, it usually moves around 8pm - 9pm and again 11pm - 12midnight. (I sure hope that's not a sign of its waking hours in time to come... cos I'm really hoping it can sleep 7pm to 7am at some point!) I'm moving around too much in the day to feel it properly in the day.

And on Mother's Day, Marcel finally felt it for the first time. We were having our family dinner at Tung Lok and while we were waiting for dessert, he placed his hand over my belly trying to feel it... and he did! He felt a little beat and then he asked me, "So that is it?". LOL, best Mother's Day present from the baby :) I hope it gives him a great big kick to feel by the time Father's Day rolls around.

Tomorrow is our detailed scan, so wish us luck that we can find out for sure if it's a boy or girl! it's been either showing us its back, or crossing its legs in our last few scans, so hopefully we can get it all correct tomorrow.