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Music Journey 2014

So what's up with us? Let's just say Marcel's got his music schedule pretty much jammed packed this year and that means, another busy year BGL-ing = Bao Ga Liao =  hokkien speak for "have to do everything"

By BGL I mean things like helping out in marketing/money matters, being the driver, water auntie, make up artist, photographer, stage hands etc. So yah, while I can say things like, "Oh, what's up this Friday? My hubby's having a GIG." - it comes at a (trade-off) price.

It's not all bad, afterall, when you love someone you would like to do all you can to support him or her right?

I'm so proud of Marcel - he's got his solo shows coming up with Musicity on 26th April & 9th May, and The Glad Stones' album launch coming up sometime middle of this year. I'm sure his TGS promo activities will prolly run right up to the time I deliver - so this quick thinking wifey has already made him promise NO MUSIC ACTIVITIES DURING CONFINEMENT MONTH. NADAH. ZILCH. *cue evil laughter*

Anyway, back to Musicity - it's a pretty cool project where you literally download an app, and when you walk near a designated spot you can actually stream a song or poem as you soak in the environment around you. This year they have chosen Tiong Bahru, and Marcel will be performing the song he wrote for this project, "The Place Where We Met", as well as his other originals this Saturday as well as on 9th May.

Honestly it took me a while to understand, and for the fun of it I decided to localise it into something my preggy brain can understand:
So for example (L - R), if I had the app specially designed for the Pereira home:
1. Balcony where the cats sleep - song choice: Secret Garden. Why? Because they had me at Hello (ok, Meow to be precise)
2. Internet transmitter - song choice: Freedom. Why? Gateway to internet!
3. Booze table - song choice: Party Rock Anthem. Why? What good is a party with no booze? You have to lay the booze on THICK, now it's a party :)
4. Bathroom in kitchen - song choice: Let It Go. Why? Nature calls.
5. Shoe area - song choice: Va, Pensiero. Why? The famous chorus of the hebrew slaves... it's like my many pairs of high heels which have now been banished for many months to come.

I'm really looking forward to this Saturday because apart from presenting the song he wrote and recorded for this project, he'll be presenting some of his new originals. One of them was specially written for the baby! Yaay! I'm excited to hear it in public and watch the audience's reaction to it. So if you're free, please join us on either this Saturday 26th April or 9th May, tics are now available online and shows will be held at some of the coolest places in Tiong Bahru itself.

Marcel is also doing giveaways for a pair of tickets to his shows, so if you're keen you can check out the mechanics on his blog.

See you there!



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May. 9th, 2014 03:25 am (UTC)
aw! so much excitement!
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